3 Situations When You May Need An Offshore Injury Attorney

When things take place in regular places and someone is injured, pretty much any personal injury attorney can take on your case. However, if you or a loved one manage to get injured out on the water off of any of the costs, the maritime laws that can be involved can complicate a personal injury case. There are lawyers who specialize in offshore injuries, and if you do need to seek compensation because of an injury out on the water, it is these professionals you should trust. Here is a look at some of the situations when you may need an offshore injury attorney.

You were injured during a collision with another boater. 

Boating accidents are not quite as common as other types of accidents on regular roadways, they can and do occur on occasion. If you were involved in a collision with another boat on the sea and the other boater was at fault, you may have to go after the boater's insurance company to get the compensation you need to cover your costs. A maritime or offshore injury attorney will help you wade through the sometimes complicated laws and regulations that can come up with water-related boating accidents. 

You were injured on a recreational boat or water vehicle while on vacation. 

Maybe you were injured during a cruise or perhaps you were injured on a catamaran fishing boat on a fishing tour while on vacation. If these accidents happened out on the ocean, you will need an offshore injury attorney for guidance. Even though these examples involve a business that is liable for your injuries unless you sign a waiver, maritime laws can still be a part of your case. For example, there could be specific maritime laws that come up regarding how much compensation you would be entitled to get for your injuries. 

Your loved one died during a boat tour. 

At the core, wrongful death cases are the most extreme type of personal injury claims. If you lost a loved one when they went on a boat tour out on the sea, you may have a right to file a wrongful death claim if the accident could have been prevented and was due to negligence of some form. It is important to hire a maritime lawyer or an offshore injury attorney to file the claim because waterway laws can differ from laws regarding accidents on dry land. 

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