Personal Injury at a Restaurant: Do You Have a Case?

Occasionally, we all have a bad experience when dining out. But sometimes that bad experience crosses the line and actually does serious damage. In those cases, it's worthwhile to speak with a personal-injury attorney about a possible lawsuit. Here are some questions to ask yourself to see whether this is a good route to go.

What Was the Injury?

Certain types of injuries make for good personal-injury claims while others do not. For example, an accident caused by another guest is probably not a good starting point for a personal-injury claim. If you were injured by another diner's negligence or got in a fight, the restaurant doesn't have a lot of liability.

However, if the restaurant's actions were the direct cause of your accident, this is a good case for a personal-injury case. Food poisoning and allergic reactions are two common lawsuits against restaurants. Another would be a slip-and-fall injury or other accident relating to the design of the property.

Did You See a Doctor?

You stand the best chance at a lawsuit success if you saw a doctor right after your injury. That time stamp helps to link your injury or illness to the date of your restaurant visit. A professional medical opinion will be important for determining the severity of the injury (and thus, the amount due to you).

What Long-Lasting Effects Are There?

The strongest cases involve a severe or long-lasting illness that keeps you away from your daily life. This could be a broken bone, a spinal disability, or a long-lasting gastrointestinal illness. Food poisoning is a tricky one because its effects can be lifelong, but it may also be a one-day event. Allergic reactions are a serious cause for compensation because they may be a life-threatening risk that the restaurant imposed on you.

Was the Restaurant Negligent?

Restaurant negligence can come in the form of inadequate or inappropriate staffing, poor training, poor attention to maintenance, or improper food handling, among others. All of these increase the chance that your case will be successful.

If you approach a personal-injury attorney about suing a restaurant, these are some of the first questions that the lawyer is likely to ask you. So it helps to know the answers already to show that you have a viable case. Your lawyer can be a great source of information if you choose to consult them about whether or not to pursue this case.

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