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No one gets in their vehicle expecting to be involved in an accident, but it can happen at any time. If you were injured by another driver's careless actions, you are entitled to be "made whole again." This phrase refers to putting you and your life, as much as possible, back to the state that existed before the accident. This can turn out to mean getting your vehicle replaced, paying for your medical expenses, and getting reimbursement for lost wages and compensation for the pain and suffering you and your family have endured because of another driver. To adequately prove your personal injury case, you need evidence. Read on to learn more about one important type of evidence, the witness.

Three Types Of Witnesses

In addition to the police report, photographs, video, medical records and more, witnesses provide an invaluable piece of the evidence pie. If you are fortunate, you have at least three different types of witnesses available to help you prove your claim.

1. Eye witnesses: This type of witness is not only the most obvious, it also can be the most valuable. Any person who saw the accident happen and can provide a first-hand account of the negligent actions of the other driver will be worth their weight in gold. It's vital that you, or someone with you, obtain the contact information of anyone who witnessed your accident. You may need to go door-to-door or store-to-store to locate someone who may have seen the incident, but it will be well worth your time. Quick action is required, people tend to forget details.

2. Lay witnesses: These are people that you personally know who are privy on a regular basis to the effects the accident has caused in your life. It's important to note that the physical injuries you suffered, together with the dollar amount of your medical bills, are combined with a factor that corresponds to the severity of your injuries to come up with an amount that you will be offered from the insurance company that represents the at-fault driver. The more severe your injuries, the higher your settlement amount will be. You should also know that you are entitled to be compensated for your emotional injuries as well, and lay witnesses can attest to your mental issues caused by the accident.

3. Expert witnesses: These types of witnesses come into play once the trial begins. Normally, they will be certified by the court as to their expertise using their education and experience in a particular specialty. Some expert witnesses that may be used in your trial include automobile accident reconstruction experts, bio-mechanical engineers (experts on what force does to a human body), and medical experts.

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