Tips For Avoiding Small Business Workers Compensation Claims

If you are the owner of a small business, then it is important for you to take proactive steps to avoid your employees filing workers compensation claims. When your employees file a claim against your workers compensation policy, your premiums will rise in the subsequent years. To prevent these added costs for your business, you can use the following tips to help avoid unnecessary workers compensation claims:

Tip: Prescreen Potential Employees to Assess Their Physical Capability to Perform The Job

One of the biggest ways you can be proactive in avoiding unnecessary workers compensation claims is to prescreen every potential employee to assess their physical capability to perform the job that you are hiring them to do. For example, if you are hiring someone to work in your stockroom where they will be expected to regularly lift heavy boxes, then lifting a sample selection of boxes during the interview process should be mandatory. If the job candidate struggles with the task in the interview phase, then you will know that they are not right for the job because they could become injured.

Tip: Always Provide Necessary Personal Protection Equipment for Employees

If your small business's employees are subjected to any dangerous situations during the course of their workday, then it is vital that you provide the necessary personal protection equipment to keep them safe. For example, if your staff work around noisy machinery, then they should be supplied with hearing protection. If they work near splashing liquids, then you must supply eye protection. By providing your employees with adequate protection, training them on its correct use, and requiring them to use the items you supply, you can lower your workers compensation claims.

Tip: Keep Your Workplace Clean and Free of Hazards

Many employee injuries can be avoided by simply keeping your workplace clean and free of unnecessary hazards. For example, people often trip over end edge of area rugs, so you should avoid using them on your company's floors. Piles of boxes or unused equipment sitting on the office floor also make for a tripping hazard. To prevent this, make a policy that it is not okay to store items on the office floor.

Finally, you should have your floors professionally cleaned each week. Areas of the floor that become soiled can lead to slides and falls. When your business is clean and sanitary without any clutter, then your employees will be safer. To learn more on workers compensation claims, contact a law firm like Zavodnick, Perlmutter & Boccia LLC.

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