3 Things to Do When Summoned for a Deposition

If you've been the victim of an automobile accident, you will want to work to recover any of your financial losses. This can be a trying time for you and the key to getting back on your financial feet is sure to rest in what you do.  Taking legal action against the other driver may be necessary for you to get the money you deserve and this may require you to complete a deposition. This will involve meeting with the other party's attorney and answering a series of questions. Being prepared in advance by knowing what to do is ideal.

The process

You will typically be notified about a deposition by your own attorney. There will be a date, time and location provided when this meeting will take place.

It's ideal to respond quickly and let your lawyer know if you're available for this session to ensure the deposition is completed.

The questions

One of the things you will want to be ready for are the questions that may be asked of you during the deposition. This is sure to help you be less anxious and ready to respond with answers that could be beneficial to your case.

Listed below are some of the inquiries you may receive:

1.    What was the date and time of the accident?

2.    Who was officially cited for being at fault for the wreck?

3.    Did you see any witnesses that may testify on your behalf?

4.    Did you suffer any major injuries due to the collision?

5.    Were you required to miss time from work or did this affect your job?

6.    What was the amount of damage to your vehicle?

7.    What was the weather like on the date of the wreck?

The details

Keep in mind that there will be an individual that will be present to transcribe the entire meeting. You must be sworn in under oath before the deposition starts, as well.

It's also in your interest to avoid attending this legal meeting without having your attorney present. 

One of the most nerve-wracking parts of civil litigation for many people is the deposition. However, you can make the best of this time by building a strong case. Taking the time to speak to your auto accident attorney today to get additional advice and tips on what to do during a deposition is sure to be ideal in this situation. 

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