3 Most Important Reasons to Hire an Attorney for Your Worker's Compensation Case

Have you been injured while at your workplace? Do you have medical and other expenses piling up but are unable to return to your job? If you've been injured while at work, you may be due a substantial amount of money in the form of worker's compensation. Unfortunately, this money is rarely simply handed over to those who qualify. You'll have to fight for it. In order to have the best chance of having your claim approved and paid for, you're going to need an attorney. While this may sound like even more trouble and hassle for you, an attorney can actually be helpful in many ways. Some things you may not have realized before include the following.

Charge no money up front: Unlike some types of attorneys, a worker's compensation attorney will charge you no fees up front. When your money is already tight due to being out of work, this can be a huge relief. Only once your settlement is paid out will your lawyer get paid a percentage of whatever they are able to get for you. Because they're being paid a percentage of your settlement, these attorneys may fight harder to get your money than they would if you were simply paying a flat fee or even an hourly fee.

Stop phone calls: Have insurance companies been calling you every couple days, or possibly even every day, trying to get you to agree to take a settlement that's significantly less than what you think you deserve? As soon as you get a lawyer to take your worker's compensation case, all such calls will have to go through him or her. Instead of having to worry every time the phone rings, wondering if it's actually an important call or not, you'll be able to relax and handle phone calls normally.

Postpone bill collectors: Some of your phone calls may be from various bill collectors who want you to pay them money. If you're ordinarily on time with your payments, these kinds of calls can be extremely stressful. As soon as you have a worker's compensation attorney, he or she may be able to contact at least a few of your creditors on your behalf. While he or she can't settle the debts for you, hearing from an actual attorney that you have a real case pending and that you're expecting a substantial settlement at some point in the near future may be sufficient to get the bill collectors to stop calling you for at least a little while.

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