How A Lawyer Can Help An Injured Car Accident Victim Get Paid

Are you stressed because you were in a car accident that left you injured and you don't have medical insurance? If you hire a lawyer, he or she can help you get the money you need to cover your medical expenses so you won't get into a financial bind. Below, discover how a personal injury lawyer can make getting treated for your injuries easier by helping you file a lawsuit.

How Can a Lawyer Help a Car Accident Victim Get Paid for Injuries?

Getting paid for your injuries will be easy as long as you are not the one that caused the accident. You can't assume that you are automatically in the right based on the accident report, as the other driver can contest the report. To make your case move in a smooth manner, a lawyer will conduct an investigation at the scene of the accident to gather evidence that proves the other driver caused the collision. It is possible that the lawyer will ask you to meet him or her at the collision site to explain your side of the story with thorough details.

After gathering enough evidence, your lawyer will contact the other party in an attempt to settle the dispute out of court. If the other driver agrees to attend a mediation session, you may be able to get paid for your injuries in a faster amount of time. If there is no mediation cooperation from the other party, the case will have to be heard in court. Some of the things your lawyer will help you get paid for may include:

  • Mental anguish
  • Pain & suffering
  • Vehicle replacement
  • Current & future medical expenses

What Is An Estimate of What a Personal Injury Lawyer May Charge?

It is common for car accident victims with injuries to be charged a contingency fee. You will basically have to pay your lawyer an average of up to 40% of what you win if the case is successful. However, some lawyers may allow you to pay your medical expenses and base what you are charged on what is left after the bills are paid.

Don't put yourself through more stress after getting injured in a car accident from worrying about medical expenses and a lack of insurance. Make the other party pay for causing you to endure so much pain. Hire a personal injury lawyer from a firm like J D'Agostino & Associates, P.C. so he or she can get your case started!

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